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The School Choice Movement advocates for the improvement and expansion of school choice in all of its forms. We are committed to securing the world-class education options that children deserve, being a resource for the facts, and a bold, honest voice for the school choice movement.

May 15, 2019

It's the first podcast post-legislative session! Students and families were the big winners this session! Erika and Shawn talk about specific legislation, starting with HB 7123 that has to do with charter school funding. Next, they discuss one of the most talked about bills of the year. It's HB 7030, known as the "arming teacher" bill. There is so much more than arming teachers in the bill that needs to be heard. They also discuss the year's 'delayed wins'. What was the process like throughout this session and how will each of these legislative changes affect you and your children? Find out on today's episode!  


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